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AP-System: Brushcutters

AP-System: Brushcutters

Providing impressive mowing performance

With our cordless brushcutters, you can cut your grass whenever and wherever you like. The powerful engine and 36 V batteries mean they are in top shape for mowing. The cordless brushcutters are mobile, clean and quiet, which means they are especially suitable for use in places where engine noise and emissions are undesirable. This makes them ideal for municipal landscape maintenance around hospitals, schools and nursery schools, as well as in parks and residential areas.

Model Weight ­kg Battery Technology ­ Cutting tool ­
FSA 65, tool only 2,7 1) Lithium-Ion AP-System AutoCut C4-2
FSA 86 R without battery and charger 3,2 1) Lithium-Ionen AP-System AutoCut C6-2
FSA 90 R, tool only 2,8 1) Lithium-Ionen AP-System AutoCut mowing head 25-2
FSA 90, tool only 3,2 1) Lithium-Ionen AP-System Grass cutting blade 260-2
FSA 130 without battery and charger 4,5 1) Lithium-Ionen AP-System Grass cutting blade 260-2
FSA 130 R without battery and charger 3,9 1) Lithium-Ion AP-System AutoCut C 26-2
FSA 135 without battery and charger 4,9 1) Lithium-Ionen AP-System
FSA 135 R without battery and charger 4,3 1) Lithium-Ionen AP-System
1) Weight excluding battery, with cutting tool and guard

Deviations from the product range and information provided here are possible, depending on the country. STIHL reserves the right to make changes to technical specifications and equipment.