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RM 756 YC

RM 756 YC petrol-driven lawn mower: for efficient professional mowing with comfort handlebar and hydrostatic wheel drive


The STIHL RM 756 YC petrol-driven lawn mower has been specially developed for heavy-duty continuous use in professional operations. The stable hybrid housing is characterised in particular by its durability. With its powerful, quiet-running motor and cutting width of 54 cm, it offers the perfect solution for large lawns. Thanks to hydrostatic drive, you can continuously adjust its speed. The mono comfort handlebar with super-soft handle is pleasant to hold, even during longer periods of work. The RM 756 YC also features sophisticated blade-brake coupling, which minimises engine damage if the blade comes into contact with hard foreign bodies during mowing. The RM 756 YC can also be converted into a multi-mower by adding a special mulching kit as an accessory.


Deviations from the product range and information provided here are possible, depending on the country. STIHL reserves the right to make changes to technical specifications and equipment.

Product versions

  • RM 4 RTP RM 4 RTP petrol-driven lawn mower with mulching function: made for professionals, for optimal lawn care over large areas
  • RM 756 GS RM 756 GS petrol-driven lawn mower: efficient working for professionals thanks to 3-speed wheel drive
  • RM 756 YS RM 756 YS petrol-driven lawn mower: for professional green area maintenance with hydrostatic wheel drive

Technical specifications

RM 756 YC

Technical specifications

Technical specifications Value
Lawn area up to 3.000 m²
Cutting height 25-90 mm
Cutting width 54 cm
Grass catcher box 80 l
Engine type FJ 180 V KAI OHV
Displacement 179 cm³
Nominal output 2,9 kW / 3,9 PS U/min
Working speed 2.800 rpm
Weight 61 kg
Guaranteed sound power level LWAd [dB(A)] 98 dB(A)
Vibration value ahw 2,4 m/s²
Uncertainty factor K 1,2 m/s²
Uncertainty factor KpA [dB(A)] 2 dB(A)

Deviations from the product range and information provided here are possible, depending on the country. STIHL reserves the right to make changes to technical specifications and equipment.


RM 756 YC

Standard equipment

  • Cutting height adjustment at each wheel Zoom
    Cutting height adjustment at each wheel

    With the sturdy, easy-to-operate cutting height adjustment each wheel of the STIHL lawn mower can be adjusted individually.


    ALLOWS LONG PERIODS OF MOWING WITHOUT REFUELLING. Thanks to your lawn mower’s large 3-litre tank, you can mow extensively without having to refuel. The tank has a captive lid which is ventilated.


    PROTECTS THE HOUSING AGAINST DAMAGE. Front collision protection ensures forces are better distributed across the housing of your lawn mower if you hit stones or path borders when mowing, for example, and in this way protects your lawn mower from damage. You can also use the collision protection for attaching safety straps when transporting your lawn mower.

  • Kawasaki engine with OHV Zoom
    Kawasaki engine with OHV

    The powerful Kawasaki engine with large air filter is particularly high-torque, smooth-running and durable.


    FOR AN EFFICIENT AND ACCURATE LAWN CUT. The highlift blade ensures a uniformly short lawn cut as well as optimum filling of the grass collection box. The powerful air flow generated by the blade in the housing raises the grass upright before cutting. The optimised air conduction system then transports the clippings efficiently into the collection box.


    LOW-MAINTENANCE AND FLEXIBLE. The drive with hydrostatic transmission allows you to continuously adjust the speed of your lawn mower with a large adjustment range. The use of a hydrostatic oil for power transmission means that no mechanical components are required except for the throttle lever. The lever opens and closes a valve which regulates the pressure in the oil. The low number of components means significantly reduced maintenance requirements compared to conventional transmission forms.


    RUN THE ENGINE WITHOUT BLADES. The blade-brake coupling ensures effective crankshaft protection. You can use it to decouple the blade from the engine on your lawn mower. If, for example, you need to drive over rocky ground or stone slabs, you can use the wheel drive of the lawn mower to move the lawn mower without the blades running.

  • Super soft grip Zoom
    Super soft grip

    Particularly ergonomic and pleasant handling is ensured by the super-soft grip of the STIHL lawn mower.

  • Fabric grass catcher bag Zoom
    Fabric grass catcher bag

    With its 80-litre capacity, the resilient fabric grass catcher bag is particularly suited for mowing large lawns. It can be comfortably folded together and is equipped with anti-dust protection.


    LIGHTWEIGHT, ROBUST AND DURABLE. The robust hybrid housing of your lawn mower is characterised by lightness and durability. The powder-coated outer housing is made of light metal and is sturdy and scratch-resistant. The lightweight inner housing made of impact-resistant polymer flexes to absorb impact, thereby contributing to the impact-resistance of the housing.

Retrofitted equipment

  • Mulching function Zoom
    Mulching function

    During mulching, the mulching blade shreds the mown grass before it falls back into the turf as a nutritional fertiliser. And with the appropriate mulching kit available as an optional accessory for this lawn mower, the machine can also be converted into a Multi-mower.

Deviations from the product range and information provided here are possible, depending on the country. STIHL reserves the right to make changes to technical specifications and equipment.


RM 756 YC


    • APO 030 Oil absorbtion Zoom
      APO 030 Oil absorbtion


    • APO 030

    • STIHL Smart Connector Zoom
      STIHL Smart Connector

      The STIHL Smart Connector forms the basis for using all STIHL connected functions. These functions can be used via both the STIHL connected App and the STIHL connect Portal. Once correctly attached to a STIHL power tool or another manufacturer’s power tool, the STIHL Smart Connector records operational hours while the machine is running, stores them and transmits them to your smartphone via Bluetooth as soon as it is within range. The data received in the STIHL connected App is transferred to the STIHL Cloud when there is an internet connection. The data is stored there in compliance with data protection regulations. The STIHL connected App and STIHL connected Portal allow you to access your power tool data at any time. STIHL connected opens up new avenues for professional users to obtain a convenient and transparent overview of their own power tool fleet. At the same time, STIHL connected provides information including operational hours, power tool status including reminders of overdue maintenance, the last known location, and whether or not the power tools are currently nearby. For professional users, this means improved digital fleet management, more efficient processes within companies, and even closer contact with STIHL dealers. Private users can also use the system to keep an eye on their power tools and carry out maintenance at the right time.

    Technical specifications Value
    Dimensions (l x b x h) 53 x 42 x 14 mm
    Signal range ca. 10 m
    Running time per battery charge ca. 1 Year
    Connectivity BLE 4,2
    Battery 3V CR 2.032
    Weight 20 g


    • AMK 056 Mulching kit Zoom
      AMK 056 Mulching kit

      The retrofittable mulching kit shreds the grass into fine grass particles during mowing. The fine grass clippings can then fall back onto the turf as a nutritious fertiliser. The accessory kit is suitable for a cutting width of 54 cm and consists of a multi-blade and mulch insert.


    • AGS 700 Air filter housing guard Zoom
      AGS 700 Air filter housing guard

      The dual battery slot adapter allows parallel use of two AP batteries in the RMA 765 V. Batteries are not included.


Deviations from the product range and information provided here are possible, depending on the country. STIHL reserves the right to make changes to technical specifications and equipment.


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