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Cordless power systems pruning shears

Cordless power systems pruning shears

Extra boost for the best cut

A powerful cutter that won’t tire you out: The new STIHL ASA 85 cordless pruning shears has the power to effortlessly cut through branches with a diameter of up to 45 mm. The individually adjustable blade opening can be adapted to suit different-sized branches, saving both time and energy. Thanks to the tool’s ergonomic battery carrying system, it can be used the whole day long without sapping your energy. Whether your job involves pruning and tree care in gardens, parks, plantations or nurseries: STIHL ASA 85 always gives a powerful cut.

Model Weight ­kg Maximum cutting diameter ­mm Recommended battery ­
ASA 85, tool only 0,98 1) 45 AP 300
ASA 65, tool only 0,74 1) 35 AP 200
Cordless garden pruner GTA 26, Tool only 1,2 2)
Cordless garden pruner GTA 26, Set with battery AS 2 and charger AL 1 1,2 2)
1) Weight including blades, excluding battery and carrying system 2) Without battery, with bar and chain

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