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Cutting tools

Cutting tools

STIHL offers a wide range of cutting tools for different applications, from simple mowing jobs to clearing jobs − designed to handle different types of vegetation, of course.

TrimCut mowing head C 32-2
TrimCut mowing head C 42-2
TrimCut mowing head C 52-2
Line spool
AutoCut mowing head (2-line) C 3-2
AutoCut mowing head C 6-2
AutoCut mowing head C 26-2
AutoCut mowing head 36-2
AutoCut mowing head 46-2
AutoCut mowing head 56-2
AutoCut C mowing head (2-line)
AutoCut mowing head (2-line)
SuperCut mowing head (2 line)
Mowing head SuperCut 40-2
PolyCut mowing head 2-2
PolyCut mowing head 3-2
PolyCut mowing head 6-2
For PolyCut 2-2, eight plastic blades.
Plastic blades for PolyCut 6-3, 7-3, 20-3, 41-3
DuroCut mowing head 5-2
DuroCut mowing head 20-2
DuroCut mowing head 40-4
GrassCut Grass cutting blade (2 blades)
GrassCut Grass cutting blade (4 blades)
GrassCut Grass cutting blade (8 teeth)
GrassCut cutting blade (40 teeth)
GrassCut Grass cutting blade 250-44
GrassCut 250-32, low spin
BrushCut Brush knife
BrushCut Brush knife 305-2
ShredCut Shredder blade
ShredCut Shredder blade 320-2
WoodCut Circular saw blade, scratcher-tooth
WoodCut Circular saw blade, chisel-tooth
WoodCut Circular saw blade, chisel-tooth High-Performance
WoodCut Circular saw blade, carbide-tipped
Upgrade Kit GrassCut 250-32

Deviations from the product range and information provided here are possible, depending on the country. STIHL reserves the right to make changes to technical specifications and equipment.