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The STIHL MotoMix fuel mixture

The STIHL MotoMix fuel mixture

STIHL MotoMix is an optimised 1:50 premixed fuel for all STIHL engines. The patented fuel formula and mixed premium engine oil STIHL HP Ultra help to ensure maximum performance and offer a consistent level of wear protection. In addition to ease of handling and environmental benefits, three key aspects are at the centre of STIHL fuels - people, machines and the environment.

Benefits - for you, your STIHL machine and the environment:

High performance

Excellent starting performance, optimum acceleration and flawless operation: the patented STIHL MotoMix boiling point curve helps to ensure outstanding performance in STIHL machines over the entire speed range.

Highly practical:

  • Excellent starting performance in any environment
  • Optimum acceleration at maximum engine speed within the shortest time
  • Perfect engine operation, even with a sudden gas exchange

Optimum engine protection

Outstanding lubricating properties, deposit-free, clean burning and lower emissions of substances that can harm your machine. STIHL MotoMix provides long-lasting engine protection.

Highly practical:

  • No clogging, no swelling and no self-separation
  • No piston jamming due to deposits
  • No ignition failure and blocked valves
  • Only minimum wear
  • Maximum engine service lives, reduced maintenance, lower costs

Beneficial, comfortable handling

Reduced emissions, a ready-to-use mixture and good suitability for storage: STIHL MotoMix helps to make work comfortable.

Highly practical:

  • Petrol fumes are practically free of substances such as olefins and aromatic hydrocarbons (e.g. benzene)
  • Clean burning
  • Forget laborious filling and handling, the fuel is premixed.
  • Shelf life of up to 5 years in suitable storage conditions*
  • Can be easily reused, even after longer periods of downtime

* in technically approved containers with an airtight seal. In dry, dark storage conditions at a room temperature of max. 20°C.

Figures that benefit the environment

Low CO2 emissions and clean burning: STIHL MotoMix has been proven not to harm the climate or ground water.

Highly practical:

  • Approximately 20% less CO in emissions
  • Reduced greenhouse gases
  • Mixed STIHL HP Ultra is biodegradable (over 80% biodegradable within 21 days)
The STIHL Optimum System The STIHL Optimum System

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