Information on Physical Agents Directive Vibration 2002/44/EC

EU Directive 2002/44/EC "Vibrations" must be translated into national law by all Member States in July 2005.  The Directive's aim is to protect employees against the health hazards due to vibrations at the workplace.

Occupational safety based on prevention has always been a matter of top priority for STIHL. The problem of vibrations was recognised long ago and taken into account more than 40 years ago with such innovative developments as the anti-vibration system to ensure safety at work. STIHL power tools are characterised by particularly low vibrations today – a fact which gains in importance with implementation of the new EU Directive.

The following pages contain detailed information on the EU Directive "Vibrations" (2002/44/EC) and the effect of vibrations on hands and arms.

Information for employers

The document here contains basic information on the EU Directive "Vibrations" (2002/44/EC) and the effect of vibrations on hands and arms, as well as useful information concerning its implementation by employers.

Simplified risk classification procedure

Classification of the risk depends on the specific product and on the equivalent vibration value ahv,eq.

STIHL outlines a simplified procedure here allowing you to judge whether special protective measures are necessary for your employees. The procedure is based on the assumption that the same machine is used constantly throughout a working day.

Use this calculator to work out the daily vibration load

On this page STIHL offers you a calculator to help you work out the permissible working duration per working day, to calculate the daily vibration load and, alternatively for one or more tools used at the same time.

Data sheets

STIHL power tools are hand tools as defined by the Directive and the Directive sets a limit on the daily vibration stress resulting from their use. You can find the relevant vibration data for STIHL machines in the following documents.

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