The right way to fill up

without tools

Before filling up your STIHL chain saw there are a few points you should consider with regard to safety:

  • Petrol is highly flammable, so keep a sufficient distance from naked flames. Take care not to spill fuel. Do not smoke. You should select a refilling site at least 3 meters away from your working location where you will start up the chain saw.
  • Always switch off the engine completely before refuelling. Allow the engine to cool down before filling up. Otherwise, overflowing fuel can be a fire hazard.
  • Carefully open the fuel filler cap so that any excess pressure is slowly released and fuel does not spurt out of the tank.
  • Always refuel in a well-ventilated place.
  • When refuelling take care not to spill any fuel on the ground or on your clothes. If that happens, clean the power tool straight away and change your clothes.

The next step is to decide whether or not tools are needed to open your chain saw tanks: