Direct product selection: Accessories for cordless tools
Accessories for cordless tools

Accessories for cordless tools

Full power for all jobs

Powerful lithium-ion batteries with various capacities, two chargers and comfortable harnesses round off our range of cordless tools. Whether a professional or occasional user, we have the best accessory for your requirements.

Model Weight ­kg Charging current ­A Charging time AP 100 ­min
AP 100 battery 0,8
AP 200 battery 1,3
AP 300 Battery 1,7
AR 2000 backpack battery
AR 3000 backpack battery 6,8
AL 100 standard charger 0,72 1,6
AL 300 quick charger 1,2 6,5 50 1)
AL 500 hi-speed charger 1,3 12 35 1)
Battery bag
Battery boxes for four batteries or two batteries and a charger
Battery boxes for AP or AR batteries and chargers
Telescopic shaft for HSA 25
Carry bag
Harness with carrying strap
Spacer bracket
Support cushion
Replacement blade for ASA 85
Carrying system Battery belt
Accessories: Bag for battery belt
Accessories: Harness for battery belt
AP holster with connecting cable
Connecting cable with AP adapter
Accessories: Weight kits for AP adapter
Cover for the battery slot
Foot or the HTA 65, HTA 85 and HLA 85.
AR parts kit for attachment to AR 900
1) Up to 100 % capacity

Deviations from the product range and information provided here are possible, depending on the country. VIKING reserves the right to make changes to technical specifications and equipment.

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