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The CombiSystem

As flexible as you need

To get your CombiEngine ready, you now need the right CombiTools for your particular needs. Choose from our twelve different STIHL CombiTools. Of course you can always buy more tools whenever you wish at a later date. Retrofitting is quick and easy with no tools required: loosen the tommy screw, swap the KombiTool, snap in the quick-release coupling, tighten the tommy screw and you’re done.

Model Weight ­kg Tool ­ Overall length ­cm
BF-KM pick tine 4,1 1) Pick tines 100
BG-KM blower 1,8 1) Blower 89
FCB-KM edge trimmer 2,3 1) Lawn edge trimmer 92
FH-KM 135° scrub cutter 2,4 1) Scrub cutter 135° adjustable 133
FSB-KM brushcutter 0,7 1) Bent shaft grass trimmer 77
FS-KM brushcutter 1,2 1) Straight shaft brushcutter 94
FS-KM brushcutter 1,2 1) Metal blade brushcutter 94
HL-KM 0° long-reach hedge trimmer 1,8 1) Long-reach hedge trimmer 0° non-adjustable 116
HL-KM 135° longreach hedge trimmer 2,6 1) Long-reach hedge trimmer 135° adjustable 160
HT-KM pole pruner 1,8 1) Pole pruner 126
KB-KM bristle brush 6,4 1) Bristle brush sweeper 125
KW-KM power sweep 7,4 1) Power sweep 125
1) Without engine

Deviations from the product range and information provided here are possible, depending on the country. VIKING reserves the right to make changes to technical specifications and equipment.

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